Sally:Yo, Edmund.
Hey, don't do the strong-silent, you know who this is.
Edmund:Sally Fish.
Sally:Hey, hey, hey.
I'm cellular.
Let's stick to initials.
I'm downsizin' my operation tonight.
I need you to give one gentleman his notice.
The Alexandria Hotel, room 313.
I'm gonna take care of one sorry junkie myself.
Don't grind the gears, doll.
- 12:42 am
Woman:It's not necessary.
No, what are you doing?!
- 1: 17 am
Karen:Notes on the Jack Powell session:
Subject referred by his parole officer in connection with evaluation for possible early release from halfway house.
Karen:Where are you, Brian?
You said you were coming over.
Brian:I couldn't make it, Karen.
Couldn't deal with the streets.
Karen:Are you high again?
Brian:Look, I'm going to need you tonight.
Karen:You promised.
Brian:I don't keep promises, baby, you know that.
Now you gotta come to me.
Sally:Room service.
Karen:Brian, who just came in?
Kim:You have another girlfriend, pretty boy?
Karen:Brian, whose voice is that?
Brian:Look good for me tonight, baby.
Karen:I'm not gonna hold your hand again.
- 3:02 am
Billy:Jesus Christ.
Woman:Oh Billy, answer it.
Skatkin:Wake up fast, Billy.
Billy:shut up.
It's Skatkin.
Boss, what's up?
Skatkin:Have you heard from you partner lately?
Billy:Vinnie Krailes?
No, haven't seen him since I transferred back to Homicide.
Skatkin:He was dirty, you know about that?
He's at the Alexandria Hotel holding an undercover policewoman hostage.
Says he won't let her go until he speaks to you.
Billy:I'm on my way.
Vinnie:I'm chokin' hire, Billy.
I got three tuitions and a mortgage.
Billy:I knew this was going to happen.
Sally:Excuse me.
You going to see Brian?
Sally:'Cause I'm a friend of his, you know?
I've been knocking, I don't think he's home.
Karen:He just called me.
Woman:What's going on out here, for God's sakes?
Sally:Nothing! Go back to your beauty sleep.
See ya.
Shatkin:He's yelling for you.
Billy:What happened?
Shatkin:All we know is shots were fired and black male was seen running from the room.
Let's go.
McKracken:Wire him up.
Billy:You want me to snitch for you.
Shatkin:This is police work, Brennan.
Krailes was working for a cocaine dealer.
The woman inside is our undercover.
We've been watching him for weeks.
He's got payoff cash stashed at the 178th Street Bus Station.
Did I just tell you something you don't know?
Billy:What am I a suspect now?
Shatkin:You just get that policewoman out of that room and get me some answers while you're in there.
Billy:I don't need this.
Shatkin:He's over the edge.
Billy:Vinnie wouldn't hurt me.
He's my best friend.
Shatkin:I wouldn't brag about that if I were you.
Billy:Vinnie... it's Billy.
Vinnie: Billy the Kid?
Slide on in, Billy.
Don't bring no company.
You're in the line of fire.
you used to the lady killer in this crew but I got to her first.
Vinnie:Smart guys.
But they're not as smart as me!
Nobody's as amart as me.
Billy:Let me get you the hell out of here.
Vinnie:Why, where do you want to go?
Another joint?
Billy:Get a doctor in here at least.
Vinnie:Mutts don't have major medical.
Billy:You're no mutt, Vinnie.
Vinnie:No, I'm a real smart guy.
Shaking down a coke dealer in the Village.
Smart, huh?
Hooking up with that baby over there.
Getting all strung out on that piece of ghetto ass.
Turns out she was a cop the whole time.
You know, I think I loved her.
God forgive me, but she was working me all along.
Billy:Who did this to you, Vinnie?
Vinnie:Come here.
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't really matter.
You'll be dead in a year, or in jail.
I got dirty, Billy.
Money, dope.
That conniving little bitch.
Let's get out of here.
I got lost.
And I broke my promise.
Here, here.
Take this.
Take it.
Take care of Carmela.
Officer:Go, go.
Officer: Clear. She's dead.
Send them in.
Shatkin:Why didn't he tell you who hit him?
Billy:I guess he thought I was better off not knowing.
Shatkin:I know you guys were good friends.
You're being pretty cool about this.
Billy:What do you me to do?
Bust out crying?
He got dirty.
He got killed.
If you don't need me, I think I'll get a head start on the wake.
Shatkin:I'm gonna want a statement from you.
Everything you know about Krailes.
Reporter: Detectives had camped in the hotel waiting to trap a corrupt cop.
According to police, an unknown number of assailants arrived and tried to kill the officer,
then blasted their way out of the hotel killing three cops and putting three on the critical list.
As of now, no one knows exactly what happened, or why.
Billy's voice:Vinnie's my best friend.
Billy's voice:Best friend...
Billy's friend.
Best friend.
Vinnie's voice:Take care of Carmela... take care of Carmela..
McKracken:Hey, Billy, another homicide. A guy named Brian Jacobs.
Waterford Apartments.
Billy:Where's Shatkin?
McKracken:Shatkin's on the way.
Billy:All right, I'm 10 minutes out.
Sally: Maid service.
So... you got a TV in this joint?
You should have an entertainment center with all the money I'm paying you.
What, are you a fucking mole?
Let's shed a little light on the subject.
It's your old man, right?
Let me tell you something.
You're making more noise with your peashooter than he ever did his horn, bro'.
Check it out, "Four cops, one of them a female undercover orerative with the Narcotics Task Force,
were killed in a gun battle with an inknown number of assailants."
That unknown number is one. It's you, Babe.
Edmund:Hey, I didn't shoot the woman.
Sally:You were shooting the shit so fast, you don't know who you shot.
What happened to you?
Edmund:Twisted my ankle jumping down the stairs.
Sally:Oh yeah? I'm glad you got something.
I mean you go in, you kill four cops and you chill without a scratch, what does that say about New York's finest?
It means I got to go get new locks on my door with the fucking bums around these days.
Edmund:I out to take you out for setting me up.
Sally:Hey, did I know the cops were shaking him out?
Did I know that bitch was a cop?
I thought she was a mini-mule.
I though she was working for me.
You saved my ass. I owe you big time.
Edmund:You're driving that shit right to your brain.
Sally:Yeah, where it does the most good.
Payday, bro'.
Edmund:Hey, put that out.
Sally:Oh, I forgot.
Health food Edmund over here.
No smoke, no booze, no dope... not much into the ladies either.
You did too much of that backwards pussy in the joint, right?
Sally:What's this $2,500 for hitting three cops?
Hey, business is business, baby.
I only hired you to shoot one.
Don't worry. I'm gonna make it up to you next time.
Got a real nice present for you.
Edmund:I don't kill women.
Sally:That's what I love about you, man.
You're a throwback like me.
Everybody out here, they're in the 21st century, but our heads are back in a better time.
You're back in the age of chivalry.
Or maybe the hired gun from the Old West, you know?
Don't kill women, don't shoot a man in the back.
But me, I'm turning the clock back to 1945.
bugsy Siegel.
Suits, showgirls, big smile.
fuck this Y2K shit.
I'm going back to a better time.
$10,000 down, $10,000 on completion.
Still feeling chivalrous?
Shatkin:Who's that?
McKracken:That's the woman who discovered the body.
Dr. Karen Winterman.
Shatkin: What's she doing here?
Brian's voice:You're a beautiful woman.
Very shy...
Karen:You understand that you must satisfy me that you're on the road to recovery in order to qualify or early release.
Brian:If you mean I'll have to stop getting high, forget it.
Karen:Is prostitution the way you support your habit?
Brian:I'm not a prostitute.
I'm a professional companion.
I don't pick up ladies off the street.
Karen:Who are these women?
Brian:Middle-aged, well-to-do, smart... lonely.
Like you'll be in 20 years.
Karen:What do you do... for them?
Brian:It's a game.
I don't look too party in public.
I'm smart enough to carry on a conversation on any subject.
At the end of the evening, they can close their eyes, and they're with someone who really cares.
Karen:So, you take their money and score dope off the street?
Brian:The only thing I do on the street in hail a cab, okay?
I have an arrangement with a high-level Mafioso.
He uses my name and my apartment for his headquarters.
Gives me drugs in exchange.
Karen:So how did you get in trouble?
Brian:I was with wealthy woman.
Learned her signature, forged a couple of checks.
Karen:Why did you do that if she was paying you?
Brian:Why are you asking question?
You're supposed to give answers.
Karen:The answers are in you.
The questions are designed to help you find them.
Brian:I dare you to answer one question. Will you?
Karen:If you think it will help, yes.
Brian:Why do you sit in the dark?
So I can't see your face?
Karen:Is that what you think?
Brian:You don't want men looking at you.
You're a very beautiful woman, but very shy.
You dress down, you wear loose blouses so men can't see your breasts.
Karen:You're a gigolo.
You're well paid, but you spoiled it all by stealing from one of your patrons.
Whether you discuss it with me or not, you're going to have to confront it in yourself.
Brian:It wasn't enough.
Karen:What do you mean?
Brian:I wanted her to forgive me.
I wanted her to lie for me.
She had to prove.
Karen:Prove what?
Brian:That she loved me.
Brian:Hi. I'm working my way through divinity school selling magazine subscriptions.
Karen:How did you find out where I live?
Brian:Easy... I followed you home.
Let me in? I'm in trouble.
Silk is great, but not in a monsoon.
I think I have chaffed nipples.
Karen:What kind of trouble?
Brian:I was supposed to call my parole officer by 5:00.
Karen:Why didn't you?
Brian:I had to see you again.
Brian:I-- I want you to prove.
Karen:We have a group that meets at 6:00.
I asked him to stay.
No, I will.
I'll tell him to call.
Good night. Thank you.
Brian:Thank you.
Karen:You're welcome.
Do I look like a lonely, middle-aged woman to you?
Brian:This is on my own time.
Karen:What do you get out of it?
Karen:What's in it for me?
Brian:You're curious.
The men in your life bore you.
You've wondered what it would be like... to be with whore.
It's raining... and you got a couple hours to kill.
Karen:Bad boys.
Female Cop:Miss Winterman?
Miss Winterman, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Karen:Dr. Winterman.
Shatkin: Get Billy in here.
McKracken:Show's in here.
Shatkin:Know this guy?
Billy:Never seen him.
Shatkin:Brian Jacobs.
His name comes up in the wiretaps of your partner.
They use the apartment as a stash pad.
Female Cop:What do you want to do about Dr. Winterman?
Billy:That woman out there is a doctor?
Female Cop:A therapist with the Parole Board.
She discovered the body.
Billy:At 5:00 a.m.?
Dressed like that?
McKracken:Think she was boffin' him?
Shatkin:If she was, they'll lift her license.
Billy:she'll never admit to that.
Hey, Spielberg, you got a tripod for that thing?
Billy:Miss Winterman?
Karen:Can anyone call me Dr Winterman?
I worked very hard for that title.
Billy:I'm Detective Billy. I'll be handling this case.
Karen:Is this some sort of police technique?
Make the witness wait for hours and hours and intimidate her with looks and innuendo?
Billy:Why don't you come with me, Doctor?
Karen:I mapped out my life.
I don't want to be involved with someone who's not good for me.
Brian:Don't worry.
It'll burn for awhile, and then I'll be dead.
Shatkin:What were you doing here, Doctor?
Karen:Mr. Jacobs called me.
He was my patient.
Could you cover him, please?
Shatkin:Dose a psychotherapist often make housecalls in the middle of the night?
Karen:Mr. Jacobs is a drug abuser, prone to suicidal behavior.
I felt responsible.
Billy:Those are your work clothes, Doctor?
Karen:I don't have to justify myself to you.
Shatkin:I'm afraid you do.
This man was involved in the murder of four police officers.
We have to know everything about your relationship.
Karen:There is such a thing as doctor-patient privilege.
Billy:Brian Jacobs didn't think so.
He was taping you.
Everything you did.
Karen:That is not possible.
Billy:Why don't you go outside and pull yourself together?
You're going to have to answer some questions.
Shatkin:Take her outside, Brenda. Get her a glass of water.
Billy: What?
You never screwed somebody you weren't supposed to?
Shatkin:Why would a woman like that get involved with a lowlife like this?
Billy:If you have to ask, you'll never know.
Karen:I can't talk about a patient.
It's a serious breach of professional behavior.
Billy:Not for nothing but you already breached.
There guys aren't too discreet.
A guy like this would want to impress a woman like you.
Ply you with cocaine. Tell you fancy stories.
Things like that. Some women are into that.
Billy:quite an expert on women, aren't you?
Karen:I've seen a lot of nice girls wreck their lives for a few cheap thrills.
Billy:Real jazz fan, huh?
Karen:I collect old records.
Billy:"Studies in Female Psychopathology."
What's this all about?
Karen:Women... who wreck their lives for a few cheap thrills.
Billy:Must be a real page-turner.
Look... I'm no Ph.D, but I know more than you're telling.
They pay me to harass you, make your life miserable, but you're the one that crossed the line, not me.
So nobody's going to protect you, understand?
Karen:There was a man outside of Brian's apartment.
Billy:What did he look like.
Karen:Dark, dark hair.
A crazy look.
It's hard to resemble, I was distracted by his jewelry.
A gold chain with a large emerald on it and an emerald bracelet.
Billy:You've ever seen him before?
It's funny though. I thought he must be the mystery Mafioso that Brian was always telling me about.
Billy:Ever give his name?
Karen:I didn't let him about it.
I wanted him to get off his preoccupation with drugs and smart money and power.
I thought that I wanted to rehabilitate him.
Now I don't know what I wanted to do.
Billy:Don't beat yourself up.
It's over, right?
Karen:No regrets. No recriminations.
Billy:What's a recrimination?
When you commit a crime again?
Karen:You make a joke out of everything.
That's how you get through.
Billy:What's the story with this apartment?
Anybody else got keys?
Karen:I have a key to this door and the door downstairs.
And the super has keys.
Billy:You be careful the next couple of days.
Watch what you're doing.
Karen:Am I in danger?
Billy:Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you.
Vinnie's voice:Billy, we still partners?
We still partners?
Man:Must have happened over the weekend.
We lost 500 coats.
Sable, mink, lynx, beautiful goods.
Beautiful goods.
Real pros.
Billy:Only took the coats.
Left behind the skins.
Vinnie:We're going to need a list of everything taken.
Man:I have them right in here.
And I have the personnel reports right on the table.
1 07 0:29:23
1 12 0:56:55
Karen: You driving?
Billy: No, it's right up here.
A real neighborhood joint.
Karen:Is it far?
Billy:No, a few blocks.
It's a nice walk.
Karen: I've been living here for four years.
I had no idea this place existed.
Billy:It didn't, until tonight.
Where an Irishman walks, a tavern magically appears.
Karen:So was your partner really crooked?
Billy:Everybody in this world is allowed to love money.
But a cop-- he's gotta love the law.
Karen:If he didn't, there would be chaos.
Billy:Let me tell you something about a cop.
Probably a white kid, probably played ball, probably won most of fights he ever had.
Likes the idea of having a gun on his hip and a badge to intimidate people.
Karen:He has no sense of civic duty?
Billy:They put him in a neighborhood with a bunch of strangers-- people his father taught him to hate.
He busts the small-time loser on the $2.00 heist, and he can't touch the million dollar dealer 'cause he's payin' off.
The only people he can trust is other cops and they're tellin' him, "Shut your mouth and take the money."
What do you care?
Karen:You have to care, because you have to be better than everyone else.
That's your reward.
Billy:The money's all dirty.
You don't know who had it last or where it was, and one day some poor junkie dies right in front of you,
a knife broken off in his chest, he's got his hands clasped like he's prayin'.
He goes down spittin' blood and you say to yourself, "I had something to do with that."
"I'm guilty."
- 178th Street Bus Station (3:20 pm)
01 14 1:02:55
Woman: What?!
Man: Whoa, whoa!
Woman: I didn't give him anything. He took it.
My name is on the registration.
Man: Look, you don't understand...
Billy:How ya doing?
Billy:Good. Why don't you take a seat in this office right here?
I'll right with you.
Shatkin:Did any of your men check the locker at any time?
McKracken:We had it totally covered. Then this disturbance happened.
Billy:Dr. Winterman's here. We're gonna check the mug books.
Shatkin:This little disturbance was a deliberate distraction.
You realize that now, don't you?
Karen:They look so bored.
Karen:Why did you do this?
Billy:Just wanted to see how you'd react.
Karen:But we had such a good talk last night.
Billy:I wasn't acting in my official capacity then.
Karen:Is torturing me part of your official capacity?
Billy:Just trying to figure you out.
I can't put you and him together.
Karen:It's easy. I'm coke whore.
Just ask Lieutenant Shatkin!
Billy:why him, huh?
A guy you knew going in could ruin your life.
Karen:Maybe it's because it was raining.
Maybe it's because I was feeling particularly useless that day.
Maybe I just wanted someone to hold me and I didn't care who it was.
Billy:He was a thief!
The guy was stealing money off of old ladies.
Karen:He had nice long eyelashes.
He had smooth skin.
He had beautiful hands.
He smelled nice.
I remember in high school, certain boys had that nice smell coming off of them.
You just wanted to get closer, to snuggle into their cloud with them.
They were the tough boys, the ones the teacher always warned you about, but they always had the softest eyes.
Bad boys with dreamy eyes.
I always wondered what it would be like to be with one of those boys.
So when Brian was kneeling in front of me and I could smell the rain on his hair,
and my heart was beating like this infatuated teenager, I thought, "Just this once, do it! Just this once.
Do it with the wrong person.
Do it for the wrong reasons. Just this once."
He had a-- he had a strange kind of honesty about him.
Or so I thought.
Then I realized that he'd been taping us.
Billy:No, he wasn't.
I planted that camera.
Karen:Do you have any idea what that did to me?
You made me hate him.
Billy:I guess I wanted that, too.
Guess I was angry.
Wanted you to be better.
Karen:Oh, I was supposed to stay chaste, waiting for my great love to come along!
I wasn't allowed to have something quick and dirty in the dark--
Billy:That's okay for a man.
Karen:Oh, you men are such romantics!
You want virtue from everyone except for yourselves.
Billy:I want virtue from you.
Karen:Why?! Why does it matter to you what I did?!
Billy:I don't know why.
It just does.
Karen:Never trick me again.
Billy:I won't.
Let's keep looking, okay?
Billy:Start here.
Woman:We're home.
We're home.
Edmund:Excuse me! Can you hold the door for me?
Woman:I'm sorry, but do you live here?
Edmund:Actually, I'm staying with someone and I forgot my key. It's Karen Winterman.
We worked together at a clinic upstate, I'm looking for a job, so I'm bunking out on her couch.
Woman:sorry, I hate doing this.
We just had a couple muggings in the building.
Everybody's a little jittery.
Edmund:Hey, look, look.
I understand, and it makes me feel safer.
Let me get that for you.
Woman:Thank you.
Edmund:Hey, champ.
1 15 1:07:59
01 16 1:11:20
Karen:Oh, sir? Could you hold that?
Man:I'm sorry, visitors have to be buzzed in.
Karen:Oh, I've lived here for four years.
Man:Well. Then you should know the rules.
Please. Help.
Edmund's Dad:Here, Champ... this is for you.
01 16 1:14:23
Edmund:My father... played music all this life.
Never raised a hand on anybody.
Everybody loved him.
But they took it all away.
Old records make you feel peaceful.
I got to keep playing these old records.
Billy:Hey, Detective.
Where's McKracken?
Female Cop:He's right in there.
Billy:where the fuck were you?!
McKracken:Tailing her.
McKracken:The guy was in the house.
Billy:In the house, waiting?
Billy:Nice work.
McKracken:He tried to rape her and he got cold feet or something.
Found this on the table over there.
Billy:Where is she?
McKracken:She's in the back room.
That way.
Billy:Are you okay?
Karen:I'm fine.
Billy:You oughta let them take you to the hospital.
Karen:Oh. I've had enough of the police's tender loving care.
Billy:This was no random attack. That guy was hired to do this.
Karen:Hired by whom?
Billy:The guy with the emeralds.
Karen:You knew who he was?
You knew he saw me and you didn't tell me?
Billy:I wanted to make sure he got punished for this.
Karen:Why didn't you arrest him?
Billy:'Cause I had no case.
He had my partner killed and he was going to walk.
He killed Jacobs, too.
He probably killed another 20 guys, maybe more, and he was gonna skate.
Karen:And the law couldn't stop him?
Billy:Guys like Sally Fish outrun the law.
They keep killing until somebody kills them.
You got yourself mixed to in a world you don't understand.
There's no truth, justice.
None of that stuff you were brought up to believe.
Karen:And are you part of this world?
Billy:All cops are. It makes no sense.
The innocent go down, the guilty go on.
Karen:And how do you go on?
Billy:You have partners.
People you care for.
You stay strong for them.
Karen:And you want me to stay strong for you?
I want you to stay behind locked doors, with 10 cops babysitting you this time.
One more day.
You stay safe until I take care of this mutt.
Then you take off.
Don't look back.
Billy: There's a witness that places Sally Boy at the scene of the murder.
He put an order on her, but she's on around the clock protection, so that option's not viable.
Why am I blessed all of a sudden with your goodwill?
You did right by me.
Figured I'd give you an update on your favorite nephew's brilliant career.
Well, it's always a pleasure hearing from you.
Have a pleasant evening.
You too.
Shatkin: What did he say?
He's got the information.
Now, let's see what he does with it.
Mind if I have a cocktail on duty?
Why didn't you tell me about Sally Fish?
Would have meant I knew Vinnie was crooked.
Made me an accomplice before the fact.
Why are you telling me now?
I don't want Karen Winterman to get hurt.
Give me a play.
I'll get your cop killer, your drug dealer, I'll even throw in a real live Mafioso.
You got nothing to lose.
If I get killed... you spin it however you want.
Whatever you do... you're finished do the job.
Then let this be my last official act.
Sally: They're wondering who we re, babe.
Just like everywhere else we go.
A little racketeering men about town.
Sal, so this is how the other half lives?
who invited you?
I don't want to be cramping your style, but your Uncle Frank wants a word with you.
Hey, I'm not some gavone that goes running to kiss his ass.
That represents $5 million a year for this family.
What are you, nuts?
Do yourself a favor, huh?
Sally:Go home, doll, I'll be there soon.
Good looking head you got there, Sal.
Bet she gets you all the good stuff in Chinese restaurants.
The stuff they don't give white people.
Sally:Hey, hey, hey, there he is, my favorite uncle.
Hold up, Sal.
Sally:What do you want?
We got to frisk you.
Frisk this.
Come on, come on.
Al: Hit a little bump on the road, kid.
Don't turn it into a pothole.
Sally:I don't like being humiliated in front of my old lady.
Shut up, Sal.
We pulled you for your own good.
You're on the map.
Cops got you set up for some drug hit.
The cop double banged me. Fucking Billy.
Told you I should have taken him out.
It wasn't him. Some broad made you.
What broad?
How many times you heard me say, I kill a guy quicker for lying than I kill him for stealing.
How many times you heard me say that?
Okay, okay. I know who the broad is.
I know where she is, too.
She's laying dead in some hallway.
She's alive and under police protection.
I'm in trouble, huh?
Big trouble.
That's why you got those gavones over there?
I don't need to muscle for you, ya little prick.
I'll strangle you with my own two hands.
You're bringing heat down on the whole family.
People got nothing to do with you are going to suffer because of you!
Sally:Uncle Frank, I swear on my mother--
You leave my sister out of this.
If you weren't her son, you'd be hanging from some meathhook, now.
Why are you abusing me?
I did everything you told me, right to the letter.
I made a move last night that was unparalleled in the annals of crime, just to get that stool pigeon cop his money.
It was sheer brilliance.
Oh, sheer brilliance?!
And just 'cause you're mad at me, don't think I'm going to kiss your ass like them. Right?
I'm creative in a way that nobody in this life ever thought to be.
You kill me, you're killing the biggest asset you got.
You're smart, and you're an earner, and you got balls.
But you got a big mouth. That cancels everything out.
Sally:You're missing one thing, Frank.
I'm your bridge to the 21st century.
It's a whole new world out there, and it ain't just about street rackets.
It's bilingual, it's international.
You got more dead wood in this family than the lumberyard.
What are you going to do with all these fat slobs sitting around the club talking about the old days?
What are going to do about that broad who's going to bury us all?
Take her out. Right from under their noses.
I'm the only guy to get us out of this, Frank.
You got to trust me.
Get in here.
Give me your dope.
Hey, hey, come on. I'm clean.
You want me to stripsearch you?
You want me to stick a tube up your ass?
Well, in that case, you know, maybe I carry a little for stimulant, but this ain't no babannia, okay?
Hey, hey. I'll get a hernia lifting this thing.
I don't like the way your mind works on that stuff.
You stay clean for this move.
Sally:So you'll give me another shot?
Oh, Frank. You're a true patron of the arts, you know that?
You're going to go down in history.
Edmund:You looking for me?
Sally:Hey, don't shoot the hand that feeds you.
Edmund:You set me up.
Sally:Excuse me, I paid you double to take care one little lonely lady.
This wasn't a business hit.
There's stuff about this you wasn't telling me.
Sally:I'm upping the score. 50Gs.
I supply the plan, the hardware, all you do is bring your finger.
Edmund:I ain't killing that lady.
Sally:Oh, dopey me.
I get it. You're in love.
The beauteous Dr. Winterman has twisted your little nappy head.
Edmund:She ain't dying.
Sally:Well, she's dead already.
Don't be fooled by the walking and talking.
She's a chicken with no head.
Officer: Clear the area... or you..
Best thing you can do is pack up your daddy's 78s and get out of town!
I'm coming after you next. See ya!
Officer: Clear the area or you will be subject to arrest.
01 18 1:25:00
Female Cop:Where are you moving?
Karen:Leaving the city.
Female Cop:Do you have any of these?
Male Cop:I do now.
McKracken:Keep on truckin', pops.
Going to go stomping at the Savoy, huh?
That dude must have been a player in his day.
Stay away from that door.
Jojo:I bring food delivery.
Edmund:Not wearing a Rolex you're not.
Male Cop:That's our relief.
Officer: Billy!
Billy:You okay?
Female Cop:Yeah, I'm okay.
Check the back.
Brenda's hit, but she's okay.
Dr. Winterman's fine. But I got one man down.
Edmund:This is for you.
McKracken: Come on out. Hurry up, hurry up.
Four men down at the Winterman residence!
I need more buses here, right away!
Two cops, two unidentified males.
Dr. Winterman's okay.
Sally:I heard the sirens. How did I do?
Kim:Jojo didn't come out. Edmund didn't come out.
Sally:Bitch don't want to die.
Kim:Sally, let's go away.
Let's get out of here tonight.
Sally:I can't run. My uncle's like an octopus.
He sit in that joint in Brooklyn and reaches out all over the world.
Don't worry.
I'll get over on him.
They can't kill me. I'm the best.
Sally:I'll be right back, doll.
You made the nightly news. You pulled it off, Sal!
Sally:I want my Uncle Frank.
He's inside waiting for you.
Listen, kid, I'm sorry about the rough stuff.
You got a minute, Frankie?
Sally tell you the score?
Good guys, two, bad guys, nothing.
You know about that?
You going to give him up?
Sally:They oughta book you on Jay Leno, Frank.
You're a great communicator.
Look at you, Sally Boy.
You're smiling like you just hit the lottery.
Sally:Any schmuck can hit it. I fixed it.
Edmund's hit, my old man had to go down, it's not the end of the world.
That gives me plausible deniability.
But you didn't get the shrink.
Sally:Tomorrow night. My little Asian girl is going to do it.
Then you clip the chick yourself. Clean up this mess.
Sally:Uncle Frank, she's with me.
If you clip everybody that does things, there'll be nobody left to do anything.
She knows too much. She's not one of us.
Yeah, maybe she oughta be.
She's got bigger balls than anybody in this family.
It's like they say, these people could fight for weeks on a bowl of rice.
You know what I mean, Frank?
She's a broad. You dump her, you get another.
Sally:No, not like this one.
This girl will go through fire for me.
And you for her. That's nice, Sal.
Sally:I figure I got the right of dissent here.
I'm blood for one thing.
For another, I'm the best man you got.
You give me this girl, that's my fee for the job.
My nephew Sally Boy.
You grew up so fast.
Remember when we used to watch you play basketball at the playground?
I always bet on any team you were on.
That's because I always found a way to win, right?
Sally:I still do.
Give me some real clout in this crew.
I'll show you the difference.
I'll take us off the corner, put us into cyberspace.
I'll make us multicultural.
No more drugs.
Sally:I'm cured. Don't worry.
Go take care of business. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
This is the best move you ever made.
Hey, baby.
Come on, let's get back to civilization.
Hey, you okay?
Yeah, sure, sport.
Yeah, a little early for the vino?
Sometimes a drink's the only thing that's going to do it.
You oughta get a little more firepower.
I got a Glock.
The bigger the gun, the smaller the brain. Thanks.
Hey, Sal!
Come over here.
Come here.
You shouldn't talk down to people, even a runt like me who deserves it.
what, are you coming from confession?
No point to it.
I'm going to burn in hell for my sins.
Frankie's going to kill me for this.
Uncle Frankie said I can't do that anymore.
Frankie's like a priest He has no bad habits.
There's one thing he don't know is when a guy needs a little consolation.
Now if you want to, you can throw it away.
Sally:Thanks, Al. I'll do that.
I'll never forget this.
Sally:See ya!
Kim:Your uncle said no, baby.
Sally:Hey. My uncle also said, "You never have to keep your word to a man you don't respect."
Straight to the left hemisphere.
Listen, you know why the old man gave me my stash?
The prick's a weathervane.
He know I'm coming up.
My Uncle Frank's living in the past with his penny ante little shakedowns.
Could n't do this stuff for a couple days.
Oh, shit!
Kim:What's wrong?
Kim:Are you sick, baby?
Sally:Not sick, baby... dead!
My uncle poisoned me!
Sally:It's a beautiful double bang.
Kill me twice, cool it with the cops at the same time.
Brilliant fucking move, Uncle Frankie!
You're the one who finessed me.
Sally:You thought my Uncle Frank was going to let a cop kill his favorite nephew?
We got pride in this family. We take care of our own!
Billy:You lose, Sally.
Sally:Get back in the car.
You didn't beat me!
I took myself out of the game.
Billy:Come on, Sally.
Sally:You go, baby.
I'm going to stick here for awhile.
Don't grind the gears!
Billy:you lose.
Billy: I come bearing gifts from the grave.
His father's life and works.
Guess he wanted you to have it.
Knew you'd take care of it.
Karen:I don't know how to feel about that.
Billy:He's just looking for forgiveness.
Karen:And you?
Are you forgiven?
Billy:I kept my promise to Vinnie.
I'm clean.
Karen:What will they do to you?
Billy:Lock me up, make me a hero.
Whatever works for them.
Karen:You don't care?
Billy:It's their world.
I'm just living in it.
Karen:And nobody can do anything about it.
Billy:Look at Sally.
The guy was full of a million tricks, brilliant ideas.
But he couldn't take you down, could he?
Karen:Why not?
Billy:Not your time.
Somebody gives you sunlight, music and another day to live.
Maybe some day there'll be something else for you.
Maybe there's a purpose to it.
Maybe it's all just a joke.

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