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This Kiss

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Kiss scene Movie TV Series Elizabeth Mitchell kissing picture photo and
Gia    Linda x Gia (
Angelina Jolie)

Significant Others    Jane x Ben (
Michael Weatherly)

Frequency    Julia x Frank (Dennis Quaid)

Nurse Betty    Chloe x David (
Greg Kinnear) / Jasmine (Sung Hi Lee)

The Linda McCartney Story    Linda x Paul (
Gary Bakewell)

ER  7-9 "The Greatest of Gifts"    Kim x Kerry (
Laura Innes)

Spin City  6-10 "Fight Flub"    Nancy x Julian (
Tom Amandes)

Double Bang    Karen x Brian (
Christian Camargo)

Man and Boy    Cyd x Harry (
Ioan Gruffudd)

Hollywood Palms    Blair x Michael (
Judge Reinhold)

The Santa Clause 2    Carol x Scott (
Tim Allen)

The Lyon's Den    Ariel x Jeff Fineman (
David Krumholtz) / Grant (Kyle Chandler)

Boston Legal    Christine x Alan (
James Spader)

3: The Dale Earnhardt Story    Teresa x Dale (
Barry Pepper)

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