Hello, Charlie.


Hello, Mr Calvin. Laura, Neil.
Oh. I haven't seen you since the last tome Charlie was in trouble.
Oh. If you spent more time with your son there's be fewer problems.
Oh. A battle of wits. It's a shame you come unarmed. Excuse me.
Mr Picardo, I want you to look into my eyes. What do you see?
It's your future, Mr Picardo. Keep this up and you will spend your life stabbing trash.
 Do I make myself clear? So what are you gonna do?
Have a nice trip.

It's an affront to authority and blatant disrespect for property.
 If this continues I'll have no other recourse than suspend..
So am I. charlie, we're all worried about you.
 It feels like you're trying to get someone's attention.
 What's bothering you?
Dr Miller?
Neil, do you have any theories?
A public school.
 Mr Calvin. A top-rated public school.
 That takes effort. And money.
 And spending any of that mony on holiday decorations would take away
 from the things that matter.
It most certainly not! Charile..


Hello, Charlie.

Are Laura and Neil on their way?
Oh. You look.. You look..
 You've lost weight. Feeling all right?
I'll go one better, Charile. You're suspended.
What did you have in mind?
Thant's not a bad idea.
 OK, Charlie. I wnat you to start by cleaning up this wall.
 I want everything, everything off of there by tonight.
 And then clean off every mark off every locker in this hallway.
Not my problem. I have a detention group on Saturday.
 So we will all get together at the rec center and scrape off graffiti at 8 am.
 See you both there.
That's good. You just got yourself elected parent rep.
 And, Charlie.. We'll talk about the suspension.


Mr O'Reilly, Mr Leary.
They're students, actually, and yes.
Hey. They're not delinquents. And don't worry about your car.
Yeah. I thought only swimmers shaved their legs!
Good morning.
Thank you.
So you actually have a nice-guy side.
Nicely done!
Is she a neighbour or something?
Oh. How did you know her name?
Oh, I guess I missed that. I'm gonna go check on this group.


Oh. Hi.
No, it's OK. Come in.
Is there a problem?
Oh, it's not a date. It's the faculty Christmas party.
 Is that your idea of a night on the town?
 Noodles and some pie?
Pizza and a movie.
Two For The Road. Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney.
I'm impressed. That is a great car. My favorite car.
No. You have to push it to start it. Other than that it's perfect.
 It' perfect, though.
That would be great. Except for, eventually, I'm going to have to get home.
So you're going to drop me off, then come back and pick me up?
Why don't you just stay?
I'll get my coat.
So, Mr Andretti, what are you driving?


Mind if I ask you something personal?
You look really different.
Uh, yes. Cocoa. You have thought of everything.
Yeah, I can't wait till it's over, though.
 Streets are crowded, the malls are jammed, people max out their credit cards...
 It's noisy.
Oh. I don't know. I used to love Christmas, too.
 It was the only day that my parents didn't fight.
Oh. They were at each other all the time.
 But on Christmas, they tried to make the holiday special.
 My dad went through this charade so I'd believe in Santa Claus.
 He put a cot by the fireplace so Santa could take a nap...
Yeah. And there was cocoa and cookies.
 And carrots for the reindeer.
Yeah. And I'd wake up and the cocoa and cookies would be gone
 and the cot be mussed and the carrots gnawed.
And there would be incredible presents under the tree.
 One year was a rocking horse, and I named it Harvey.
 And the next year was a little red wagon,
 which I made a lemonade stand, which was great.
 And the last year was... It was just... a Baby Doll.
 She was pink and soft and beautiful. 
Yes. I believed in Santa so much I'd get in fights at school
 with kids who tried to tell me that he didn't exist.
 And one day I came home with a bloody nose.
 That's when my parents decided to tell me to... grow up.
 I was devastad, and...
 Good, Carol! This is great sleigh-rideng conversation!
 I'm a terrible sleigh con-
A person just wants something to believe in, you know?
OK, we have cocoa. We have a blanket.
 We have a horse-drawn sleigh.
 The only thing that's...
It's snowing.
That's what I was gonna say, that is should be snowing!


I owe you one.
I think they're just decorations for the carollers.
There aren't any packages backstage.
I can't figure it out.
No, I mean the secret Santa thing.
 Someone tracked down all those wonderful antiquw toys.
It was you. I know it was you.
 I just can't figure out... How did you do it?
It's Baby Doll.
 Come here.


Did you call the office?
Did they call you?
Did you investigate us?
Did you...? I told you about Baby Doll an hour ago, and and...
 Did you send someone to...?
Well... I don't.. I don't know how you did it.
 It's like some kind of magic.
What? Well, what...? You know what?
 I don't want to know.
 What you did in there tonight for everyone was wonderful.
 Thank you.
 I'm sorry.
 I shouldn't have done that.
 Is that OK?
Where did that come from?


We don't need to rush things, Scott.
So am I sometimes.
I don't.
See? OK. It's not so bad so far.
 You work far away from home and you sleep a lot.
 Hey. You've never been to prison and you don't wear socks with sandals.
That's not funny.
OK. Cut it out.
I told something personal from my child hood
 and now you're making a joke out of it and it's not funny. It hurts.
I know what's going on.
You felt something for me.
 And now you're acting like a mental patient because you're scared.
Ir you're trying to push me away, it's working.


What is it, Charlie?
OK. go ahead.
Oh, please, Charlie. Not you too.
Oh, Charlie...


Scott! I got to fly in with the Tooth Fairy.




Excuse me?
Oh. So that's what the whole noodles and pie thing...
 You just needed a wife.
You love me?
This is all happening so fast.
Uh-huh? Yeah?
Is there a school here?
You do?
Thank you. I've got it from here.
I will.

Don't be home too late.
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