Gia Marie Carangi  .... Angelina Jolie
        Linda (Doodiekins)  .... Elizabeth Mitchell

Linda:  She would come on to everybody, but it was really innocent... and nobody was ever really offended by it. Sex wasn't really an issue. I-- I was afraid of the drugs, the way people used them.


Linda:  Are you Gia?

Gia:  That's me.

Linda:  You're late. Go wash your face.

Gia:  I already did. It's nice to meet you, too.

Linda:  What the hell am I gonna do with you?

Gia:  Give me that. I don't know. I'm just some dumb girl from Philly. Okay. What?

Linda:  It's wonderful. Let's see this face. I'm check do you need to be tweezed.

Gia:  I'm tweezed.

Linda:  I'm Linda.

Gia:  Nice to meet you.


Gia:  I'll stay if Linda stays.

:  Linda, help me, please.

Linda:  Yeah.

:  Go stand by the fence.

Linda:  You want me in the shot?

:  Yeah, yeah...and lose the clothes.


Gia:  Hey. Where you going?

Linda:  Gia.

Gia:  What happened? What's the matter?

Linda:  You..You don't have any clothes on.

Gia:  Don't change the subject.

Linda:  I have a boyfriend.

Gia:  So?

Linda:  So I have to go.

Gia:  I have to go. I have to go. Everybody has to go. Where the fuck does everybody go when they have to go?

Linda:  You had-- I-- You and I had-- I mean, it was.... I had-- I'm-- I'm really very square.

Gia:  So am I.

Linda:  Yeah, I can see that.

Gia:  Please don't go. Please don't go. Please. I'll make you breakfast. Come on.

Man:  Uh, going down?

Gia:  No.

Linda:  Yes.

Gia:  No! No! No, what are you doing? No!

Linda:  I'm so sotty. I'm so sorry.

Gia:  Linda. I'll call you. Not.

Linda:  She was like a puppy. It's like, love me, love me, love me. I did. I did. I did right away.


Gia:  Hey.

Gia:  I just bought it. What do you think?

Linda:  Wow.

Gia:  Wow? Wanna go for a ride?

Linda:  I don't know.

Gia:  Oh! Oh, yes, do. Come on. Come on.

Linda:  Okay.

Gia:  Yes!

Linda:  Where we going?

Gia:  Philadelphia.

Linda:  What?

Gia:  Hold on!

Linda:  Okay!


Linda:  Can I see?

Gia:  Yeah.

Linda:  Sometimes I think she was a different person to everybody. Sometimes I knew who she was. Sometimes I didn't. Anybody who tries to tell you exactly who she was... they didn't know her.


:  Here, lady.

Linda:  Hi. Got it. Thanks.

Billy:  Christ, another one? Who died?

Linda:  None of your business.

Billy:  Are you fucking a florist behind my back?

Linda:  Yeah. A gold FTD guy with the wings shoes.

Billy:  Oh, my God.


Gia:  Hi. I've been calling you for weeks.

Linda:  Hi, Gia. This is my boyfriend, Billy.

Billy:  Hi. I'm wrecked. Do you want to come in?

Linda:  I don't think that's a very good idea.

Billy:  Why not? You are really beautiful. You're a model, aren't you?

Gia:  Why, do I look stupid?

Linda:  I have to work tomorrow.

Billy:  Come on, it's early. Maybe, maybe we could party... Maybe...

Gia:  You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Come with me.

Linda:  I can't.

Gia:  Fine, see you around.

Billy:  What the fuck was that?

Linda:  Behold the florist.


Linda:  Oh, my God.

Gia:  I was thinking about you.

Linda:  Are you okay?

Gia:  Is your boyfriend here?

Linda:  I don't have a boyfriend anymore.

Gia:  I'm all dirty.

Linda:  Well, I-- I was afraid of the drugs. The way people used them. I told her that. I mean, she knew that. I was afraid of a lot of things. But she promised and I believed her. And I believed we could make things work. I believed because we both wanted it so much that we could... And we did. We did. We did make it work.


Gia:  There you are, Mr. Doodiekins. Fresh from the oven.

Linda:  Thank you, Mrs. Doodiekins.

Gia:  I could do this. I could be a fucking housewife. I'd be very happy. So I cooked... Ketchup. Dinner's ready. Dinner is served.


Linda:  Hi, this is Linda. I'm not here. Leave a message.

Gia:  Hi, Doo-doo. It's me. I've been calling all night. Where are you?

Linda:  Linda?

Billy:  Hello?

Gia:  Who's this?

Billy:  This is Billy. Who's this?


Gia:  I get fucking arrested for nothing.

Linda:  These are serious charges. Reckless driving, resisting arrest!

Gia:  Dammit! It's not my fault!

Linda:  It's not mine either! He was getting some stuff my apartment! I wasn't even there. I was on my way back here. Thank God, or youd still be in jail.

Gia:  I have to go back to work. I know what you'll say, but I need money. Stop it. I need money so I can be with you. I cant live like this. I can't live like this, okay? I can't live like this. And I can't live without you.


Gia:  I can't do this.

Linda:  Yes, you can.

Gia:  I'm a model. I'm not supposed to talk, I'm supposed to just look beautiful.

Linda:  You are beautiful.

Gia:  You make me beautiful.


Linda:  Fuck! What the fuck?!

Gia:  I like kick Spiderman's ass!


Gia:  I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Linda:  Don't.

Gia:  I'm sorry. I just wanted to make you smile.

Linda:  Okay. Okay, I'm going. Last chance. I'm leaving through the front door. I can't do this.

Gia:  Just say, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Linda:  No, you won't see me tomorrow.

Gia:  Don't say that! Don't say that.

Linda:  We had a deal. We made a bargain.

Gia:  I love you.

Linda:  No, you don't.

Gia:  All right, I don't. I don't. I don't. What are you, huh? Some kind of policeman? You gonna judge me? I did one fucking line. One line. What is the big deal?

Linda:  What about yesterday? Or the day before?

Gia:  Nothing. I did nothing, I promise. Please don't leave me.

Linda:  I don't believe you.

Gia:  You don't wanna believe me. Because you don't wanna believe me, do you? Because you don't care! Because you just wanted to say, "I'm fucking a model," huh? "I'm fucking a model." You don't care about me, do you? Do you? Tell me you don't care. Say, "I don't care!" "I don't care!"

Gia:  Please. I'm sorry. I need you so much. Don't make me do this.

Linda:  I don't make you do anything. I wish I could.

Gia:  You could. You could. You could take care of me. Do you have $30? I don't have any money. I don't know why I never any money. I have one sock.

Linda:  This makes you do everything.

Gia:  No.

Linda:  Yeah. It's not me. It's not you. It's this. This shit owns you. You choose. Come on. This... or me. This or me.

Gia:  Your finger. Your knees. Your skin. Your toes.

Linda:  I love you.


Gia:  Hi, Linda. It's Gia. I'm calling to apologize. I'm in this program and part of it is that we're supposed to ask forgiveness of people we hurt while we were drugging. I was like, "Fuck, that could take the rest of my life." I'm sorry. This is stupid... Anyway, I'm calling to ask forgiveness and to say that I miss you, because-- Hello? What is that? I think I'm done. I don't know what happened.

Linda:  Hi. Hi, it's me.

Gia:  Boy, Linda.

Linda:  Yeah.

Gia:  Hi. Well. Now I don't know what to say.

Linda:  It's okay. I heard you. I heard it all.

Gia:  Is that okay?

Linda:  Yeah.

Gia:  I can't talk right now. I have to go. Can I call-- Can I call in a few days? I'll be out soon, and then I'll call you. Okay?

Linda:  Okay.

Gia:  Okay.

INT. -

Gia:  Dear Linda, this is the end of my book. Last page, last shot. Seeing you to say hello and goodbye. Seeing you to fill up and leave my kisses all over your face.


Linda:  Gia.

Gia:  That's me.

Linda:  Come in. Come in.

Linda:  Do you want some tea? Um.. I was so nervous about seeing you. Coffee?

Gia:  Oh, no. I can't stay long.

Linda:  Why not?

Gia:  I have an appointment.

Linda:  Work?

Gia:  No. No. No more work for me.

Linda:  I-- I just thought we'd have more time.

Gia:  Yeah, me too. Just not today.

Linda:  That's okay. We have all the time in the world. We'll take it.

Gia:  Yeah, I guess so. But today I just wanted to see your face. I missed your face.

Linda:  What are you going to do?

Gia:  I don't know. I have some plans. I think I might go to school, you know? Learn something useful maybe. Maybe even settle down and have kids, you know? What the hell?

Linda: Wow. How straight are you now? I mean, are we talking about men?

Gia:  You don't need a husband to have kids. Besides, you're the one who always had my heart, you know?

Linda:  Yeah, I guess I did know that.

Gia:  Um.. Would you keep these for me?

Linda:  More fairy tales?

Gia:  Yeah, some. A few. Plus all the other crazy shit in my head. I don't want to throw it away, but I don't want it around right now. You can read it if you want.

Linda:  No. I won't.

Gia:  No, read it. I want you to, you know? Maybe you can make some sense out of it. I never could.

Linda:  Okay.

Gia:  Okay.

Linda:  I'm gonna see you again, right?

Gia:  Yeah, you want to?

Linda:  Yeah, yeah. You know I was thinking about getting a house at the beach this summer.

Gia:  Yeah?

Linda:  Yeah. I-- I really thought that it would give us a chance. I would like so much for us to have another chance.

Gia:  Yeah, I'd like that too. I gotta go.

Linda:  Oh. No, wait.

Gia:  Yeah.

Linda:  I want you to stay. Hey..

Gia:  You were the one. You were the only one. And you are amazing.

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