Haskett's Chance
Boston Legal
Gramercy Park
The Lyon's Den
Law & Order: SVU
Spin City
The Beast
Time of Your Life
Significant Others
L.A. Firefighters
The Sentinel
The Cosby Mysteries
Dangerous Curves
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LOST  3rd Season
10.04   #01    A Tale of Two Cities
10.11   #02    The Glass Ballerina
10.25   #04    Every Man for Himself
11.01   #05    The Cost of Living

2006  [ABC]    Cast: Matthew Fox
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Juliet... YouTube
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Haskett's Chance
2006   [NBC]
Ann Haskett

House  1st Season #5   "Damned If You Do"
12.14.2004  [FOX]    Cast: Hugh Laurie
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Sister Mary Augustine... DVD

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Boston Legal  1st Season #2. 3
10.10   #2    Still Crazy After All These Years
10.17   #3    Catch and Release

2004  [ABC]    Cast: James Spader
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Christine Pauley... Screencapture
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Everwood  3th Season #3   "Staking Claim"
9.27.2004  [WB]    Cast: Treat Williams
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Sara Beck... Screencapture
... DVD

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Gramercy Park
@Gramercy Park(E)
Taylor Elliot

actress married to a successful Broadway director resents the transition to motherhood
The Lyon's Den
09.28   #1    The Pilot
10.05   #2    The Other Side of Caution
10.12   #3    Things She Said
10.19   #4    Hubris
10.26   #5    Trick or Treat
11.30   #6    Ex
(8.10)   #7    The Quantum Theory
(8.17)   #08    Separation Anxiety
(8.24)   #09    The Fifth
(8.31)   #10    Blood
(9.07)   #11    Beach House
(9.14)   #12    Duty to Save
(9.21)   #13    Privileged

2003 / Sun / 22:00 -   [NBC]    Cast: Rob Lowe
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Ariel Saxon... Screencapture
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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  3rd Season #14   "One Hit Wonder"
2.6.2003  [CBS]    Execu. Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer    Cast: William L. Petersen
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Melissa Winters... Screencapture
... DVD

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Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) 's friend and a district attorney
Since husband was killed three years ago, obliged to the life with a wheelchair.
Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit  4th Season #14    "Mercy"
1.31.2003  [NBC]    Producer: Dick Wolf    Cast: Christopher Meloni
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Andrea Brown... Screencapture
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Spin City  6th Season #10    "Fight Flub"
11.20.2001  [ABC]    Cast: Charlie Sheen
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Nancy Wheeler... Screencapture

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The Beast
6.13   #1    The Price
0.00   #2    Functional Family
6.20   #3    The Damage Done
6.27   #4    The Delivery
7.11   #5    Travinia ... Gently Down the Stream
7.18   #6    Travinia ... Life Is But a Dream

2001  [ABC]    Director: Mimi Leder    Cast: Frank Langella
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Alice Allenby... Screencapture
... Clip

New York journalist
offered a job by Jackson Burns (Frank Langella) of "WNS" aka "The Beast"
ER  7th Season #3. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 12. 14. 15. 16. 20. 21. 22
10.26   #03    Mars Attacks
11.03   #04    Benton Backwards
11.16   #06    The Visit
11.23   #07    Rescue Me
12.07   #08    The Dance We Do
12.14   #09    The Greatest of Gifts
01.11   #11    Rock, Paper, Scissors
02.01   #12    Surrender
02.15   #14    A Walk in the Woods
02.22   #15    The Crossing
03.01   #16    Witch Hunt
05.03   #20    Fear Of Commitment
05.10   #21    Where The Heart Is
05.17   #22    Rampage

10.26.2000 - 5.17.2001  [NBC]    Cast: Noah Wyle / Anthony Edwards
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Dr. Kimberly 'Kim' Legaspi... Screencapture
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Psychiatrist of Chicago County General Hospital
Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes),Chief of Emergency Services
Time of Your Life  1st Season #5. 9. 10. 11
11.22.1999   #05    The Time They All Came Over for Thanksgiving
01.10.2000   #09    The Time They Decided to Date
01.24.2000   #10    The Time She Turned 21
06.14.2000   #11    The Time They Got E-Rotic

1999 - 2000  [FOX]    Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt
@IMDb(E)   @Mr. Video Productions(E)   @TKtv(E)   @Television Without Pity(E)
Ashley Holloway... Clip
Significant Others
3.11   #1    Pilot
3.18   #2    The Next Big Thing
3.25   #3    The Plan
0.00   #4    The Shoot
0.00   #5    My Left Kidney
0.00   #6    Matters of Gravity

1998  [FOX]    Director: Scott Winant    Cast: Eion Bailey
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Jane Merrill-Chasin... Screencapture
... DVD

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Campbel Chasin (Eion Bailey) 's ex-girlfriend
married his brother, pilot (Michael Weatherly)
JAG  3rd Season #2    "The Court-Martial Of Sandra Gilbert"
9.30.1997  [CBS]    Cast: David James Elliott
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Lt. Sandra Gilbert... Screencapture
... DVD

the Navy's top female helicopter pilot
accused of fraternizing with an enlisted married man, Max Frankl (Rex Smith)
L.A. Firefighters  1st Season
6.03   #1    L.A. Fire (pilot)
6.10   #2    Till Death Do Us Part
6.17   #3    It's A Family Affair (1)
6.24   #4    The Fire Down Below (2)
7.01   #5    Curiouser And Curiouser
7.08   #6    A Mad Tea Party

1996  [FOX]    Director: Jim Charleston    Cast: Jarrod Emick
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Laura Malloy... Screencapture

wife of Jack Malloy (Jarrod Emick), Firefighter
The Sentinel  2nd Season #6    "True Crime"
10.9.1996  [UPN]    Cast: Richard Burgi
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Wendy Hawthorne... Screencapture
... Clip

Reporter of "True Crime"
1994 - 1995  [FOX]
Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden McKenzie
The Cosby Mysteries  1st Season #2    "Our Lady of Cement"
9.28.1994  [NBC]    Cast: Bill Cosby
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Olivia Belleni... Clip
Dangerous Curves  2nd Season #12    "Rainbow Serpent"
2.17.1993  [CBS]    Cast: Diane Bellego
@IMDb(E)   @TV Series Central(D)
Bethanny Haines

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