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#138  Mars Attacks   (00.10.26)


Kim:  Kerry.

Kerry:  Tell me that you're here to help out.

Kim:  No, but I will take Mr. Kamatovik to Psych once a bed's available.

Kerry:  I appreciate that, but we could really use an extra pair of hands.

Kim:  Sorry, we've got our own problem. Tonight's a full moon. Stop by later if you want. It'll be like Mardi Gras.


Kim:  What'd you do with my patient?

Kerry:  Mr. Kamatovik?

Kim:  I got him a bed, but he's gone AWOL.

Kerry:  Well, he can't have gotten too far.


Kim:  I told you. He's disappeared. What is this?

Kerry:  Alcohol wipes. He says he has to stay cool to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Kim:  Yeah. He begged me to give him a Popsocle enema. We settled for ice chips.

Kerry:  Mr. Kamatovik, are you in there?

Kamatovik:  Yes.

Kerry:  All right. Come out so we can help you.

Kamatovik:  I can't. I burning up. I need wet blankets.

Kim:  We can get you some upstairs.

Malucci:  You want me to bring him out, chief?

Kerry:  Please.

Malucci:   Mr. Kamatovik, open up.

Kerry:  Somebody call the burn unit!

Kim:  Get a gurney!
#139  Benton Backwards   (00.11.03)


Kim:  Labs are back on Mr. Mellonston.

Kerry:  Good.

Kim:  Great color.

Kerry:  Thanks.

Kim:  UA's full of white cells. He's got a rip-roaring urinary-tract infection.

Kerry:  Sorry I called you prematurely.

Kim:  Happens always time with nursing-home patients. Give an dld guy a bad UTI, next thing you know, he's General MacArthur.

Kerry:  I call the home, and they've already given his bed away. Hey!

Kim:  Any family members who can take him in?

Kerry:  No. He's at the mercy of Socil Services. Hey, back to work! Get back to work! Come on. Show's over.

Kim:  Maybe not. He talks like a vet. If he is one, he could qualify for the VA.

Kerry:  Yeah, That'll take days to process.

Kim:  I know a caseworker at North Chicago with pull. Maybe we can transfer today. Do you want me to call?

Kerry:  Sure, if you think it can be done.


Kerry:  Did you hear from VA?

Kim:  There's good news and bad news. I found Mr. Mellonston a bed. But it's in a brig. He's AWOL.

Kerry:  AWOL? From where?

Kim:  Korean War. 1951, Army corporal. Deserted on leave. Unfortunately, my VA contact took it upon himself to notify the active military.

Kerry:  Why would they care about someone who deserted 50 years ago?

Kim:  Who know? They may want to slap him on the wrist. They may want to court-martial him.

Kerry:  For God's sake! He's 72 years old.

Kim:  I know.

Kerry:  Is there anything we can do?

Kim:  Legally? No.


Kerry:  I can't believe the VA is moving this quickly.

Kim:  They're not, I got him into another home. Borrowed a Social Security number from a cropse at the morgue. Sour cream and onion?

Kerry:  No, thank you. You, you borrowed a number from a deceassed person?

Kim:  Yeah. We do it all the time.

Kerry:  I don't wanna, I don't wanna know this.

Kim:  You said you felt bad.

Kerry:  That is not the point.

Kim:  I work with many elderly homeless. You learn a few tricks.

Kerry:  Not another word, please!

Kim:  You have to.

Frank:  Dr. Weaver, time for that seminar.

Kerry:  Thank you, Frank.

Kim:  "Advances in Neuroleptic Therapy"?

Kerry:  Yeah. How did you know?

Kim:  I'll be there. Save you a seat.
#141  The Visit   (00.11.16)


Kim:  May I see?

Abby:  This is Dr. Legaspi.

Maggie:  Psychiatist?

Kim:  Yes.

Maggie:  I don't need you.

Kim:  Abby tells me you have bipolar disorder. How long have you been off your meds?

Maggie:  Am I off my meds?

Kim:  Why'd you stop?

Maggie:  I don't like lithium, all right? It makes me tired. It makes me sick to my stomach. I can't do these on drugs. I can't do anything.

Kim:  What medication are you on now?

Maggie:  Prozac. I was depredded. A doctor at my HMO, he gave them to me.

Kim:  You need stay away from antidepressants. They trigger manic episodes.

Abby:  She knows.

Kim:  Okay. I'll write you a prescription for Depakote if you promise me you'll stay away from Prozac.

Maggie:  Sure.

Kim:  Great. I will go get you the scrip.

Kerry:  You Okay?

Abby:  Thank you.
#142  Rescue Me   (00.11.23)


Kerry:  Taking Mr. Morgan up?

Kim:  He's a bit anxious.

:  They were gonna murder Bernadine.

Kim:  He's delusional. Threatenend to blow up his neighbor's house. Did you do something with your hair?

Kerry:  Oh. No. Not really.

Kim:  You look different somehow.

Kerry:  Contacts. I broke my glasses.

Kim:  Oh. Suits you.

Kerry:  Thank you.


Kerry:  It's not like he swallowed one nail. We're taking pounds of hardware. There's nails and screws and one of those metric socket sets, a plier. I mean, I'm palpating this guy's belly. And there's a crescent wrench outlined in bes-relief. I mean, just smashed up against the skin. So, my husband says to me, "You've got to go in there and consent this guy."

Kim:  You were married?

Kerry:  Yes. And um.. He was a surgical Resident. So I go in there and I say: "Mr. Jebson, how did you get all this stuff down?" And he says, "A good Chablis." He says, "A good Chablis." Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry. Oh, my..

Kim:  It's fine. No, you missed most of me.

Kerry:  I can't believe.. I'll pay for the dry-cleaning. Sorry.

Kim:  Kerry, it's all right.


Kim:  He was staring up at me from the pavement. And with every breath I could see frosted cloud from his mouth get smaller. I just talked to him, tried to reassure him. And I held his hand until he died.

Kerry:  The ambulance never came?

Kim:  He was gone when they got there.

Kerry:  Oh, my God.. Well, what happened to the driver who hit him?

Kim:  Not enough. He was drunk. But this was 19 years ago. And they revoked his license for a while and had him pick up trash on Saturday or something. Well. I certainly got us off on a very depressing tangent, didn't I? I think we're gonna close this place down. Oh. I'm sorry. We haven't taken care of this.

Kerry:  Oh, no.

Kim:  No, no, no. No, you paid last time.

Kerry:  Let me. Come on. You know what? Why don't we split it?

Kim:  I got it. Thank you. You know, this is our second meal together. Some people might consider a second dinner a date.

Kerry:  A date?

Kim:  You do know I'm gay?

Kerry:  Of course. I don't have a problem with that. I have gay friends.

Kim:  Oh.. Oh. I'm sorry, Kerry. I misread this.

Kerry:  No. I mean, I didn't I.. I.. I'm so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.

Kim:  It's just that you called me for eight psych consults in the past week.

Kerry:  Yeah.. We work well together.

Kim:  My instincts are usually reliable.

Kerry:  You know what?

Kim:  Thank you.

Kerry:  You know, I'm really very flattered.. I mean, I got sure.. You're such a beautiful woman. You're so beautiful. But I'm straight.

Kerry:  I mean, I don't, I'm straight.

Kim:  Okay.

Kerry:  Oh, God.. Oh, my God! I don't know.. I don't know what.. I mean, I'm sorry. I just, I don't.. I feel very.. um.. You know what? I just.. I mean I guess I never even really considered this.
#143  The Dance We Do   (00.12.07)


Abby:  You removed the restrains?

Kim:  I can admit her voluntarily, but she doesn't meet the criteria for a hold.

Abby:  She ran through a plate-glass window.

Kim:  An accident. She's not gravely disabled. Not a danger to herself or others.

Abby:  That's debatable.

Kim:  She's rapid-cycling. Probably experiencing a drug-induced mania.

Abby:  Blood alcohol's 0.092.

Kim:  Well, that'll do it. So do you want me to admit her?

Abby:  I don't care.

Kim:  Okay, I'll do it. She wants to talk to you. She's remorseful. She wants to apologize.

Abby:  No, thank you.

Kim:  Okay.

Maggie:  Abby, I'm sorry.

Carter:  Hey, Maggie...

Maggie:  I'll go in the hospotal. I'll get better.

Carter:  Go back inside.

Kim:  Back to bed.

Maggie:  I'll get better.

Kim:  It's all right. It's all right.

Maggie:  I'll get better. I'll get better.
#144  The Greatest of Gifts   (00.12.14)


Kerry:  Randi, can you just drop it, please? Hi, Kim.

Kim:  Hi. You have a cyclothymic down here?

Kerry:  Yeah. A guy in Exam3 trying to set a new world record doing sit-ups.

Kim:  Got it.

Kerry:  Hey, I tried to call you the other day..

Kim:  Oh.

Kerry:  Excuse me.

Kim:  I'm sorry. My machine's been acting up. I need to get a new one.

Kerry:  Oh. I wish I'd known that sooner. I might have gotten you something different. Merry Christmas.

Kim:  Wow!

Kerry:  Yeah. I happened across a copy over the weekend and couldn't resist. Hopefully you don't already have one.

Kim:  Well, thank you.

Kerry:  My pleasure.

Kim:  Should I open it now?

Kerry:  Or later.

Kim:  Okay. You know you should try drinking water upside down. It always helps with me.

Kerry:  Yeah. Thank you.

Kim:  See you.


Kim:  Did you page me, Kerry?

Kerry:  Ah. Yeah. We got a bad dog bite in Trauma 2. Little kid who might need to be plugged into some outatient therapy.

Kim:  Sure.

Kerry:  Did you open it?

Kim:  What?

Kerry:  The present.

Kim:  Oh. No, not yet. No.

Kerry:  I'll go with you.

Kim:  Okay.

Abby:  Do you want a shot of Regian?

Kerry:  For what?

Abby:  Hiccups.

Kerry:  No, they'll go away.

Abby:  What about my toenail clippers?

Kerry:  Malucci, get him.


Boy:  Is my dad coming?

Kim:  I'm not sure.

Kerry:  Your mom went to call him.

Kim:  Is that a problem?

Boy:  He's gonna kill me. I was gonna put it back without him knowing.

Kim:  Put what back?

Boy:  Is winston gonna be okay?

Kim:  The dog?

Boy:  They're not gonna put him to sleep, are they?

Kim:  That would be very sad. But any dog that would attack you for no reason..

Kerry:  Excuse me.

Boy:  I didn't mean to.

Kim:  What?

Boy:  To open my Christmas present early. I knew what it was. A BB gun.

Kerry:  Did you shoot at the dog?

Boy:  I was just trying it out.


Kim:  I saw the patient in 7. She agreed to a voluntary admission..

Kerry:  Thank you. Hiccups.

Kim:  Does it work?

Kerry:  I don't know. I'm desperate. Now I'm listening to Randi. Did you like it?

Kim:  Yes. First edition. Must have been expensive.

Kerry:  What's the point of working like a maniac if you can't spend money on friends?

Kim:  Friends. I don't think we're in the same place on this.

Kerry:  Oh, what? Christmas?

Kim:  No, us. I don't need any more friends.

Kerry:  Oh. Okay. Okay. I understand.

Kim:  Do you?

Kerry:  No. No. I like you and respect you, and I thought we were really hitting it off.

Kim:  That's the problem. You're straight, and I'm not. And I've done the before. It didn't work out, and I am not gonna do it again.

Kerry:  But I'm not asking for that from you. We're comfortable together, we have a lot in common, we have fun together..

Kim:  That's why I can't be your friend, Kerry.
#146  Rock, Paper, Scissors   (01.01.11)


Kim:  Hey, Kerry. I just heard that Roger Pilarsky was treated for a self-inflicted injury.

Kerry:  Yeah, with a pair of our suture scissors no less.

Kim:  You sent him home?

Kerry:  It was superficial. Didn't breach the peritoneum.

Kim:  There should have been a Psych consult, first.

Kerry:  He's a frewuent flier. A new injury every week.

Kim:  Could be an accelerating pattern.

Kerry:  Oh. He's never had a serious suicide attempt. Your department's refused to admit him on three separate occasions.

Kim:  He tried to harm himself. We're supposed to be called.

Kerry:  All he wanted was food and company. Frankly, I thought you'd be greteful that--

Kim:  Kerry, I-- I think we should not let what happened between us interfere with patient care.

Kerry:  what?

Kim:  We're both professionals.

Kerry:  Excuse me. I did what I thought was medically appropriate.

Kim:  It hat nothing to do with the fact you've been avoiding me?

Kerry:  It doesn't, and I haven't. But if you'd like me to call you every time someone disturbed comes into the ER, you've got it.

Kim:  Thank you.


Kerry:  What's this?

Carter:  I called for a consult.

Kim:  I'm admitting her.

Kerry:  Why?

Kim:  Danger to self.

Kerry:  Does the pound of cocaine she swallowed figure into this?

Carter:  It wasn't a pound. We're not obligated to report drug use to the authorities.

Kerry:  But I'd imagine in the case of drug smuggling we'd make an exception.

Kim:  She's not a dealer. She's a kid. She made a mistake and almost got killed.

Kerry:  Maybe, but she's not suicidal.

Kim:  What's your probrem, Kerry?

Kerry:  What?

Kim:  She's 18 years old.

Carter:  Her going to prison isn't going to benefit anybody.

Kerry:  Could you excuse us, Dr. Cater? Excuse us. Don't you ever talk to me like that in front of a resident again.

Kim:  I wouldn't have to if you didn't insist on interfering with my admission.

Kerry:  She's an ER case.

Kim:  Which I was called into. I'm admitting her.


Kerry:  Hey.

Kim:  Oh, hi. I was just about to leave, if you want the table.

Kerry:  No, no no. Actually, I called your office and they said you might be here. I was hoping that we could talk.

Kim:  I don't know. We've already talked a lot today.

Kerry:  I know that it's been tense between us and I really don't mean it to be.

Kim:  I'm sure it'll pass.

Kerry:  Kim, I want you to know that I respect you as a colleague.

Kim:  Today notwithstanding?

Kerry:  I miss you.

Kim:  Well, that'll pass too. In a few weeks we'll just be friedly co-workers all over again.

Kerry:  Yeah, I've been thinking and I'm not sure that's what I want.

Kim:  You have a good night. Okay?

Kerry:  Kim, please. I'd like you to stay.
#147  Surrender   (01.02.01)


Kim:  Kerry, I'm gonna put a fresh tawel on the sink for you.

Kerry:  Okay, thank you.

Kim:  What time does your shift start?

Kerry:  Nine.

Kim:  Oh. You better hurry up. Do you want some coffee?

Kerry:  Sure. thanks.

Kim:  Okay.

Kim:  Oh. That looks good on you.

Kerry:  What?

Kim:  My blouse.

Kerry:  Oh, yeah. It's not too long?

Kim:  No. Good things I have a 40-gallon water heater.

Kerry:  What?

Kim:  You take long showers.

Kerry:  I'm sorry.

Kim:  No. No. So do I. Sometimes, I stand under there for 20 minutes just to wake up when it's cold. Especially in winter.

Kerry:  Is it cold outside?

Kim:  Low 20s. Want a bagel?

Kerry:  No, thanks. I'll get something at work.

Kim:  You okay?

Kerry:  Yeah, I got it.

Kim:  No, I meant about us. The first time can be a little ...

Kerry:  No. It's just... It's just different.

Kim:  That's true.

Kerry:  But good.

Kim:  Really? I'll see you at work.

Kerry:  Yeah.

Kim:  I'll see you later.

Kerry:  I'm sorry, I know this is understood, but I just... This is just gonna be between us right?"

Kim:  Of course. I'll get the door.


Kerry:  Sour milk?

Kim:  Yeah, yeah. It came back from the dry cleaners like that. Smell it.

Kerry:  That's fine.

Kim:  Right?

Kerry:  So anyway, he's not psychotic?

Kim:  No. Sociopathic, maybe. But I can't hold him. We'll leave it up to the police.

Kerry:  Thanks.

Kim:  Anytime.
#149  A Walk in the Woods   (01.02.15)


Kim:  Hi. Did I wake you? I was trying to let you sleep.

Kerry:  I should probably get home anyway.

Kim:  You should bring a few things over. I could clear one some closet space for you.

Kerry:  Are you sure you can spare it?

Kim:  I can find a couple of inches somewhere, maybe. I need todry my hair. Are you gonna watch me again?


Kim:  You're kidding! Stephanie?

Christy:  Yeah. She just up and moved to Seattle.

Kim:  I thought she was living with Deborah.

Christy:  No. She met a stewardess airline.

Kim:  Another stewardess! Hey, we were just looking for you. This is Christy. Christy, Kerry.

Christy:  Hi.

Kerry:  Hello.

Kim:  Christy and I were having coffee.

Christy:  And I insisted that she bring me here.

Kerry:  I'm sorry, but a bunch of us were beginning to question your existence.

Kim:  We were thinking about having dinner tonight. You game?

Kerry:  I can't get off in time. But thank you for asking.

Kim:  I checked your schedule. You get off at 6.

Christy:  Don't worry. Nobody bites.

Malucci:  Chief, can I get you to sign off this LOL? Head CT's clear.

Kim:  7:30?

Kerry:  Okay.

Christy:  Oh. Great. We'll see you then.

Kim:  Bye.

Malucci:  That Legaspi's girlfriend? I heard she's gay.

Kerry:  I don't know.

Malucci:  What I wouldn't pay to drop in on that little party, huh?


Kim:  What was that about?

Kerry:  Some days I really hate this job.

Kim:  Well, you, me and everyone else around here. Are you ready? Dinner?

Kerry:  Right. Yes. I just have to drop this off.


Christy:  Viki is dating guys now, and Carol is getting married to one.

Kim:  Oh. Both of these women marched in every gay-pride parade for the past 15 years.

Kate:  I don't get it.

Christy:  I do. You get society's blessing, your family's --

Kim:  Survivor benefits, tax breaks.

Christy:  And all you gotta do is lay there a few times a week.

Kim:  I'm sorry. We're not usually this bad.

Kerry:  It's okay.

Christy:  Hey, do you realize that everyone at this table has slept with Kim?

Kate:  Oh, my God!

Kim:  Cut it out, you guys.

Christy:  I bet she brought a U-Haul on the second date, right?

Kerry:  I don't understand.

Kim:  It's a lesbian joke. A bad one. Do you want another drink?

Kerry:  Actually, I gotta go. I have an early shift tomorrow.

Kim:  Kerry--

Kerry:  It was really.. It was really nice to meet you both.


Kim:  Wait. Are you upset?

Kerry:  No.

Kim:  Well, why are you leaving, then?

Kerry:  I don't belong here. I don't belong here.

Kim:  I dated Christy in college. Kate and I dated for maybe a month..

Kerry:  It's not that. This isn't me. I mean, my experience, the jokes, your friends. I'm.. I care about you. I'm not interested in adopting a lifestyle.

Kim:  Wow, I can't believe you just said that.

Kerry:  I'll call you later.
#150  The Crossing   (01.02.22)


Kim:  Kerry?

Kerry:  Yeah.

Kim:  You have a suicidal ideation?

Kerry:  Young girl in Trauma 2.

Kim:  Does she have a plan?

Kerry:  Parked her car in front of a train.

Kim:  Oh, I suppose that qualifies.

Kerry:  She's also in a major depression.

Kim:  Flat affect?

Kerry:  No real renorse.

Kim:  About the suicide attempt?

Kerry:  For the train wreck.

Kim:  Oh, my. Do you think you're gonna get off before 12?

Kerry:  Um. Probably not.

Kim:  Okay.

Kerry:  I'll try to be quiet.

Kim:  No. Wake me.
#151  Witch Hunt   (01.03.01)


Kim:  I was called down to assess for suicidal ideation. It was my job to determine if the patient needed to be admitted.

D:  For a psych hold?

Kim:  Yes.

D:  And it was your professional opinion that she did? Dr. Legaspi?

Kim:  Yes. She was um.. confused about her sexual identity. She was clinically depressed and had spent a considerable amount of time planning to hurt herself.


Kim:  We're gonna move you to your own room. Okay, Mary?

Mary:  What if Jesus comes for me and I'm not here?

Kim:  Oh, I'll have one of the nurses send him upstairs.

Mary:  Will you?

Kim:  Yeah.

Mary:  Thank you.

Kim:  You're welcome. Hey.

Kerry:  Got a minute? So Bloody Mary's back?

Kim:  She's harmless.

Kerry:  Tried to page you.

Kim:  Well, it's been pretty crazy upstairs. Not just because of the patients.

Kerry:  So, what was with the police?

Kim:  Oh. You should have stayed. It was a party.

Kerry:  I had to be on at 7:30.

Kim:  So did I.


Kerry:  I didn't abandon you on purpose.

Kim:  I didn't say you did.

Kerry:  Okay, What did they say?

Kim:  They were following up on Shannon Wallace the attempted suicide who caused that train derailment. They probably wanna talk to you.

Kerry:  Why?

Kim:  The patient has accused me of sexual harassment.

Kerry:  What?

Kim:  Yeah. She told the police that I came on to her and I touched her.

Kerry:  Why would she say such a thing?

Kim:  Well, she caused over 30 deaths. She's probably trying to divert the heat off of herself.

Kerry:  Yeah, but why.. why would she accuse you of that? How would she even know you were..?

Kim:  Gay? I told her.

Kerry:  You what?

Kim:  I was trying to help her.

Kerry:  Oh, no. Kim. Kim, what were you thinking?

Kim:  I don't know, Kerry. That she needed help?

Kerry:  Yes. You disclose your personal life to an unstable patient who you don't know?

Kim:  Well, I.. I..

Haleh:  Mr. Hollis is crashing.

Kerry:  Okay.

Kim:  I'll see you later.

Kerry:  Yeah.


Kerry:  Dr. Legaspi.

Kim:  Kerry.


Kim:  Is there someone you want me to call to be here? Your husband, maybe?

:  I'me divorced.

Kim:  What is his name?

:  Ed. Ed Jeffries. But he lives in Boston now.

Kim:  Okay. The police would like to ask you some questions. Do you feel up to this? Okay. I will be back when they're done, and we'll talk.

:  Okay.


Kim:  Hey.

Kerry:  Hey. How is she doing?

Kim:  Better than I would be.

Kerry:  Um.. How was your meeting with Romano?

Kim:  Homopjobic. Misogynistic. The usual. Degrading.

Kerry:  What did you tell him?

Kim:  The truth. That shannon Wallace was a young woman experiencing a sexal-identity crisis. She needed to know that being gay is not an affliction.

Kerry:  Yeah. And what did you tell him about us?

Kim:  Oh. Oh, I see. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.

Kerry:  That's not what I meant.

Kim:  No? What did you mean?

Kerry:  No. No. You think that I am the only one who has problem with this.. that.. that it's universally accepted. But that is not true.

Kim:  So we skulk about in the shadows because some narrow-minded individuals disapprove?

Kerry:  No. No. I just think that you are fooling yourself if you... How many openly gay women do you know in hospital administrative positions?

Kim:  Kerry..

Kerry:  None. It doesn't happen.

Kim:  What dose that have to do with anything?

Kerry:  I'm explaining why this is difficult for me.

Kim:  Guess what, Kerry. This isn't about you. This is about a confused and frightened young women who would rather kill herself than deal with the stigma of being gay. Maybe it is about you.


Kerry:  Are Dr. Romano and Dr. Anspaugh still here?

:  They're waiting for you in the conference room.

Romano:  Dr. Weaver. Better late than never. Let's cut to the chase, so we can all get out of here and go home. Okay. Dr. Legaspi recently, for whatever reasons, had what I hope was a momentary lapse in judgment.

Kim:  I take offense to that.

Romano:  Really? I take offense to you having come out to your patient, which was inapproproate..

Anspaugh:  Dr. Legaspi is a valuable asset to the Psychiatry Department as well as this hospital as a whole. I think that her instincts were correct and har intentions very honorable considering the situation.

Romano:  Honorable, perhaps. Stupid, definitely.

Anspaugh:  Come on, Robert. Patients with psychological problems falsely accuse their doctors of all sorts of things. I had a guy today blame me for hypnotizing him in order to drink his blood.

Romano:  Well, we'll have to look into that another day, Donald. But the fact is, to the best of my knowledge, you are not a vampire. Dr. Legaspi, however, is a lesbian. Am I right?

Kim:  I've never hidden that fact from this administration or my colleagues.

Romano:  Or from patients, wherein lies the problem.

Kim:  There's a difference between being gay and being a child molester.

Romano:  Okay. My recommendation is administrative leave pending the criminal hearing.

Anspaugh:  I think that's premature.

Romano:  No. It's preemptive. If we get lucky, there won't be any charges and you can come back to work having learned a lesson, albeit the hard way. You have anything to add, Dr. Weaver, considering you are one of them?

Kerry:  Them?

Romano:  A female physician dealing with female patients.

Kerry:  No. Yes. I think that Dr. Legaspi is a wonderful doctor. And I don't think that she did any of the things that she's accused of doing.

Romano:  Well, that's well-spoken, Kerry. That's very convincing. Please remind me never to ask you to testify on my behalf. Okay. Meeting is adjourned. I have dinner plans.

Anspaugh:  Pay no attention to him. This, too, will pass.

Kerry:  I'm sorry. I'm... Kim. Kim, please don't. Kim, please. Please, please stop. I'm so.... I'm so sorry. Let's just get out of here and talk about this.

Kim:  There's really nothing to talk about.

Kerry:  What did you expect me to say? I am so sorry, Kim.

Kim:  Me too. Go back to your life, Kerry.

Kerry:  No, don't. You can't do this. We have something good.

Kim:  What? What do we have? A relationship that you're ashamed to acknowledge in public?

Kerry:  You're right. I wish I could be like you. I wish I could be as confident and secure with this as you are. But I am not you. I have been on the outside my whole life fighting for acceptance and respect. And now you're asking me to do it all over again?

Kim:  I'm not asking you for anything.

Kerry:  don't, please. I just I need more time. I can't do this right now. Please, Kim. Kim.
#155  Fear Of Commitment   (01.05.03)


Abby:  Shove this under the desk. It's Mr. Simpson's in Exam 4. You don't wanna know.

Kim:  Abby, shouldn't you be at the courthouse? Your mother was just transported to her commitment hearing. Aren't you supposed to testify?

Abby:  What commitment hearing?

Kim:  State Attorney's Office should have called.

Abby:  Well, nobody called me.

Kim:  Okay. Your mother has contested her certificare of commitment. By law, she is entitled to a hearing in front of a judge.

Abby:  And, what. he could release her?

Kim:  Technically. The attempted suicide is a good argument for a 90-day hold, but since you witnessed it--

Abby:  When.. when is this happening?

Kim:  11:15, county courthouse.


Kim:  By signing, you acknowledge that doctors feel it's best you remain hospotalized and that you accept and understand by leaving against medical advice you risk a deterioration of your psychiatric symptoms.

Maggie:  What about my meds? Can I have a prescription?

Kim:  I will give you three days' worth. I want to see you Monday. If you're doing well, I'll give you a week's worth.

Maggie:  Okay.

Kim:  Okay what? What does that mean?

Maggie:  Could I call you?

Kim:  Sure.

Maggie:  All right.

Kim:  You can call me anytime. You can call me just to talk.

Maggie:  Okay.


Kerry:  Hi.

Kim:  Hi.

Kerry:  I heard you were here, but I haven't seen you.

Kim:  Yeah. Most of my day is spent in the jail ward.

Kerry:  I'm sorry. I was glad to hear that the charges were dropped.

Kim:  Shannon Wallace decided to tell the truth after she got the treatment that she needed.

Kerry:  That's good.

Kim:  What do you want, Kerry?

Kerry:  I thought you might be hungry.

Kim:  No. No, I'm not, and I have a ton of work to do. So...

Kerry:  Right. Well, if you change your mind here's some Kung Pao chicken from George's.
#156  Where The Heart Is   (01.05.10)

Kim:  What do you want, Kerry?

Kerry:  I thought you might be hungry.

Kim:  No. No, I'm not. And I have a ton of work to do, so... Your mother has been transported to her hearing. Aren't you supposed to testify?

- - - -


Kim:  What was all that about?

Kerry:  Misguided sense of job security.

Kim:  Lot of that going around. I heard you came by the house.

Kerry:  Yeah, I was in the area, and on a whim, I thought I'd step by.

Kim:  Lori said that you had a letter, but that you didn't leave it.

Kerry:  It just didn't seem like the timing was very good.

Kim:  I can see how you would feel that way.

Kerry:  How long have you two been seeing each other?

Kim:  Not long. I'm sorry. I know this must be painful you.

Kerry:  No, I'm fine. I mean, it's fine.

Kim:  Okay.

L:  Kerry?

Kim:  You take care of yourself.

Kerry:  You too.


Abby:  Dr. Legaspi.

Kim:  Hi.

Abby:  Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me how it's going with my mother.

Kim:  I'm sorry, Abby. I really can't discuss her therapy with you.

Abby:  Even if she said you said I should attend one of her sessions?

Kim:  I think that it would be mutually beneficial. Yeah.

Abby:  Okay. Could you give me a little bit of an idea what to expect?

Kim:  Well, it's not an ambush.

Abby:  I'm sorry. It's just that she lies a lot.

Kim:  We meet at one. You don't have to come if you don't want to.


Abby:  Sorry I'm late.

Kim:  It's fine. We're glad you could join us.

Maggie:  Hi.

Abby:  Hi.

Kim:  Please know that we both understand how awkward it can be to step into someone eles's therapy.

Abby:  It's okay. I'm fine.

Kim:  Maggie, do you want to continue?

Maggie:  Sure. Um... So Dr. Legaspi and I were talking about... We were talking about a lot. But we were talking about ways I could stay healthy. You know, how to position myself to get it together, keep on track. And part of that is that I've decided to go home.

Abby:  Have you talked to Eric?

Maggie:  No, not Florida. Home home. I'm going back to Mionnesotta.

Abby:  You haven't been to Minneapolis in 15 years, Mom.

Maggie:  I know that. I know. I haven't. But I grew up there. And I feel like I belong there. I've got a little bit of famiy and some friends.

Abby:  What friends?

Maggie:  Gine. You remember Gine? Well, I'm gonna stay with her. She has a spare room. She thinks she could get me a job in the convalescent hospital where she works.

Abby:  Really? When did you arrange all this?

Maggie:  Last week. I... She accepted a collect phone call from me. She was glad to her from me, Abby. She was glad to talk to me. Anyway, I'll save enough money, and I'll get a place of my own.

Abby:  A place of your own?

Maggie:  Yes. A place of my own with no roommates, no men. Just me. Maybe a cat.

Abby:  A cat? that would be a great pet. Cat.

Kim:  Abby. Are you reacting to your mother's plans?

Abby:  I'm not reacting. I'm just...

Kim:  Just? Just what?

Abby:  Nothing.

Maggie:  Abby, I can't stay here in chicago. I don't want to go to Florida. It's just too easy for me to be a drain on you and--

Abby:  You know, I think we're way past that at this point.

Kim:  What is your objection to your mother going home?

Abby:  Nothing. It's vey romantic.

Kim:  You're not happy about it?

Abby:  I don't know what you want me to say. Yippee, she's going home? Fabulous, that solves all the problems? What?

Kim:  Then what is your solution?

Abby:  I don't have a solution. I don't... I don't think there is a solution. And to talk about this as if it were some life-management problem that you can plan your way out of, well, it's absurd.

Kim:  Then what do you suggest?

Abby:  I don't know. You know what? I don't know. I don't know. So I guess you're right. You have to do something, Mom. Good luck.

Maggie:  So, what? You're leaving?

Abby:  You wanted to tell me. You told me.

Maggie:  Well, I'm not going for a week or so.

Abby:  Okay, great. See you later.


Kim:  Well. the hand's okay.

Mark:  Look at the wrist.

Kim:  Is that a Colles' fracture?

Mark:  Ben says he never hurt his wrist.

Kim:  Oh. Maybe he's too young to remember it.

Mark:  His dad doesn't remember, either. How did your talk go with him?

Kim:  Well, he's a pretty hostile kid.

Mark:  Clammed up when Dad showed up.

Kim:  Yeah. It was hard to talk to him. His dad was standing outside the whole time, and Ben knew it.

Mark:  He's terrified of him.

Kim:  I think he is. But he says theres no violence in the home.

Mark:  You saw that bruising. That's him getting pulled by his ear.

Kim:  He says he doesn't remember how it happened.

Mark:  You don't forget a broken bone or bruising like that.


Kim:  There you are.

Abby:  Hi.

Kim:  Do you have a minure?

Abby:  Sure. Am I in trouble or something?

Kim:  I don't usually do this. But I think it's important.

Abby:  Okay.

Kim:  I think you need to give your mom one more chance.

Abby:  Didn't I do that today?

Kim:  You started to. And then you ran away.

Abby:  Maybe because I've heard it about 100 times before.

Kim:  I think this time's different.

Abby:  Do you? Why?

Kim:  Well, she hasn't been willing to go to therapy for 10 yeats. Now she's embracing it.

Abby:  I'd love to believe that meant something.

Kim:  Don't let your mom go away without being able to really talk to you. That won't make either of you happy.

Abby:  I don't think "happy" is on the table.

Kim:  Why not?

Abby:  Look, I'm not in therapy.

Kim:  Fair enough.

Abby:  But I'll consider it. What you said.

Kim:  Okay.


Kim:  Some vocabulary for a 7-year-old.

Mark:  Bone survey turned up bilateral healed spiral fractures of the radius.

Kim:  So you were right.

Mark:  Pin a rose on me.

Kerry:  Kim?

Kim:  Hi, Kerry.

Kerry:  This is for you.

Kim:  What is it?

Kerry:  It's how I feel about things, about you. And I never really told you. And maybe it doesn't matter now. But I wanted you to know.

Kim:  Okay.
#157  Rampage   (01.05.17)


Kerry:  I should have gone to help, done something.

Kim:  No, You did the right thing. I'll be right back.

:  Can I get a cigarette? I need a cigarette.

Kim:  Yeah. I'll see what I can do.


Kim:  Kerry, I've got a hypotensive social worker. Probably just stress but you should check it out.

Kerry:  Okay. Thanks. Hello.

Kim:  I read your letter.

Kerry:  Good. I was wondering.

Frank:  Dr. Legaspi, Dr. Romano, line three, for you.

Kim:  Tell him I'll call him back.

Kerry:  She'll call you right back.

Kim:  Anyway, I appreciate the sentiment.

Kerry:  "Sentiment"?

Frank:   He says for you to get on the line now. He needs to talk to you about a transfer.

Kerry:  Frank. She's busy. He should be too. We could have as many as eight GSWs going.

:   Nine. Carjack victim.

Kerry:  Okay. We're swamped with this. Tell them to divert to Mercy.

:  Mercy said no ETAs 9 to 10.

Kerry:  Why do they bother calling?

Kim:  Um.. Anyway, thank you but I don't think that anything's changed.

Kerry:  Right. Okay.

Kim:  Okay. I should get back.


:  Psych nurses aren't trained to handle pstomy care.

:  If they need ostomy care, he can check his own damn bag.

:  Robert. We need you. Two more GSWs rolling up.

:  In a minute.

:  Abby, let's go outside.

Romano:  And when I call you, you get on the phone!

Kerry:  She was helping with the mass casualty .... needed here.

Romano:  I needed to clear Recovery for the barrage of gunshot wounds you keep accepting!

Kim:  I'm not taking responsibility for post-op complicatons in the psych ward!

Romano:  Oh, really Okay. Well, then we'll have to find somebody who's interested in responsibility.

Kim:  What is that supposed to mean?

Romano:  DeRaad can finish your shift.

Kim:  What?

Romano:  Nice knowing you.


Kim:  I'm surprised my code stil works.

Kerry:  It's not gonna happen, Kim.

Kim:  What isn't?

Kerry:  They can't let you go, not legally.

Kim:  No. They always intended to fire me.

Kerry:  They would have done it sooner, but they needed a thick human-resource file first. Which is bogus. They'll never get away with it.

Kim:  They already have.

Kerry:  Only if you let them.

Kim:  It's not worth the effort. I'm not interested in working for a place that doesn't want me here.

Kerry:  You have the right to due process. We can find a civil-rights attorney.

Kim:  We?

Kerry:  It's not right, Kim. You know why they're firing you. You have to fight it. You have to fight this.

Kim:  I'm supposed to fight? You're hiding but I'm supposed to fight. Well, I'm sorry. But I don't want to fight. I just want to move on. So should you.
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